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IMG_0527b copy

Male and female – really! Julia looked it up.

So, it’s officially a year here in Saudi Arabia. What can say to this life changing year that has been like no other? The biggest event was in learning to scuba dive. So far, I have flown a helicopter, skiied, and followed photography as major interests and hobbies. I have minored in golf. Well, there are some friends who know my golf skill, or lack thereof, and will attest that I’m out to have a good time riding the cart. The only unfulfilled thing on my list was to skydive. Both my kids have tandem jumped so I guess it’s vicarious pleasure from them to me. I have loved, married, had kids, and watched them grow up. I think my own parents would have been proud of what I have done.

IMG_0303 copy

It’s Julia! Yup, she dives. And proudly – I think she’s better than me.

To have only one life, I can say I have few regrets. I’ve had a pretty good time. I’ve been privileged to touch and save some lives. I’ve done some surgery that has been nothing short of wonderful and there are folks who lived a better life because of it. And, with it I remember sadly that you cannot save everyone. At this point the adventure continues and I am doing things that are not naturally within my comfort zone. I have been to and will visit some places I might not have otherwise had opportunity to see.

Photography remains my main interest. It keeps pushing me to new adventures. So as I look ahead there’s a lot to do and plenty to keep me occupied.

IMG_0562a copy
Yes! Octopus! No tentacles? You go in and try and pull it out.

One response

  1. sue

    keep going. you have more fans than you know.

    June 6, 2013 at 12:07 pm

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