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Archive for August 21, 2013


IMG_3659 copyOctopi are shy. They hide under rocks. I don’t look too much under the coral for photo ops. So it’s been my dive buddies who see these great things. Farid spotted this one. Heretofore I had kept back and away. I thought they were dangerous. Octopi also have an almost instant color changing ability to camouflage themselves within the surrounding coral. They blend in beautifully, so much so that they are really easy to miss. The small ones are not able to harm a much larger diver. So with cautious courage I went ahead and poked this one with a gloved finger. Sorry, I wanted a better photo op than a non-descript blob. My camera has shutter lag. So it was no simple trick to get a shot. I decided to make a grab. No dice. The octopus shot out ink and startled me. It made good it’s escape. No harm to either octopus or diver. Anyway it was a very interesting octopus encounter. And you can almost see the suckers on the tentacles. If the next one doesn’t intimidate me, I promise to get a better shot.