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Toboggin Ride

_DSC2257 copyThey had a toboggan ride. About eighteen of the nurses signed up and bought tickets. I tried to ride last car for the photo ops. Everyone rushed to the last cars so I ended up in the very first car. It’s a good thing. The individual cars have hand brakes. I reasoned that the cars were stable enough that they couldn’t fly off the track even if the brakes were never applied. So I didn’t use them. The nurses who followed were much more timid and thereby created a traffic jam.

Dangerous (Fun) House

_DSC2269 copyI love the fractured English. Hey, it’s not their native language. And I appreciate that many signs are written in English. Spelling and translation often leave something to the imagination. It’s nothing to spell incorrectly or to interpret the word in a less than traditional manner. But you get the idea.


_DSC2036 copyThey aren’t too photogenic. So the color helps. I apologize for the tree sticking out of his head. We had stopped momentarily. You know. …when everyone is running in four directions and the driver will say, “Get back on the bus,” at any moment. So I was standing and just doing a 360 degree click around with my camera. Later we parked again and I had a longer moment to get another shot of another camel. Anyway the color is for the tourists._DSC2056 copy

Camel Driver

_DSC1957 copyNot to be derogatory, this man was offering camel rides to the passersby. And on this busload of eager nurses I heard one exclaim, “It’s been my dream to ride a camel before I’m thirty.” So I guess this was her lucky day. What can I say? When the light is right shoot away. I could have used some fill flash and maybe composed a bit more off center. But this was a constantly changing target rich photo shoot and I was clicking away as fast as I could go.

Passing By

_DSC1830 copyI was busy with the camels at this roadside stop. So it was a non-sequitur to have this car stop me and ask that I photograph them. Not one to be impolite, I did it. It’s just that at that very moment, I was having camera panic. The settings had changed and I couldn’t figure out why every image was not focusing. In the meantime, I’ve got a prime time moment and tried to manual focus on the run. It’s not quite right, but close enough to get the point. It turned out that the manual focus button had been pushed. But to go through the check on the run, it’s always hard.

Baboons – Behind the scenes

_DSC1703 copy

_DSC1719 copyIt’s an interesting group. You just see the ‘troop’ hanging out…literally… a behind the scenes look. They are fed from the roadside. Otherwise there doesn’t seem to be much reason for them to hang by the roadside. I know the argument against feeding the animals and making them dependent on human processed food. It seems that folks are not yet conscientious. Parenthetically, I was surprised when we dove last week and one of the dive masters pleaded for the divers to respect the Red Sea and its coral, which was dying. _DSC1769 copy

_DSC1745 copy

Birthday Time

IMG_2646 copyEvery year as a kid, Julia had birthday celebrations that began at the end of the school year so her school friends could be there. Then there would be the immediate family. Then there would be the extended family. Then there would be the friends we would vacation with annually at her birthday. So by now you must guess she’s well past forty. But to look at her she’s still my favorite daughter. (Note: only daughter.) Well this year, this summer has been exciting because she’s moving to California to teach for a year. I just hope she doesn’t find a boy friend and settle there…kidding. Anyway, good luck. I expect that I’ll see you visiting the Middle East again before too long.