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IMG_5321 copyThis is a very broad category of soft-bodied marine gastropod mollusks. I got one, then two. The identification is somewhat suspect since they come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. So I show some things tiny and colorful which may or may not actually be a nudibranch. At least one has been seen on the appropriate web page of examples. This colorful tasty morsel without an exoskeleton just seems to be saying, ‘eat me!?’ Wow! Two together… mating?

IMG_5191 b copyTo look at this pair, they resemble any other hard coral on the reef. but if you go near, they disappear into a hole in the coral surrounding them.

IMG_5185 a copyThey can retract fast… really fast. But if you sneak up, you can get some great shots. They are just so small that it’s hard to get the details and focus accurately. And I’m wondering who came up with this name? I was lucky to come upon some examples as I perused the web pages for identification. As i have said before it’s taking your ‘own’ picture that challenges me, not the ‘seeing’ in a book.