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Archive for October 5, 2013


IMG_4989 a copyLately I’ve been catching a lot of ‘Nemo.’ (Note to myself – go online and watch the movie again.) With clownfish it’s a matter of close focus. Most of my shots have been out of focus mainly because the fish is so close and moving toward me to defend it’s symbiotic partner the anemone. It’s a nice shot when you get it. I like the head on shot best.

IMG_0866 copy 2The colors are intense and the eyes are darkly colored so that it’s difficult to pick up catch lights from the cornea. The best part is that they stay around to defend their home so you can swim up close and they don’t swim away.

IMG_0800 copy 2They will nip at your glove. Interestingly, they haven’t nipped at my bare hand. Remember, don’t tease the fish!