Word and Image


IMG_1284 copyI was about to be disappointed again. I have just switched dive cameras. The ratio of poor shots to good ones was mostly poor. And the battery is not good enough to shoot with abandon. I turn off the camera and wait for my opportunity. I miss some surprise fish – the ones that pop out from behind the coral and present a beautiful image before I can turn the darned camera on. I have more white balance troubles because I’m custom balancing less.  And then (since I don’t really review until I’m home)… wow, I got an arresting shot. This is my latest greatest favorite. I was reading up online about underwater images. One suggestion was that the profile shot of a fish is a catalog image. So the big question is, “Are you after catalog or portrait images?” I do admit that the catalog profile has been fun. But here you go. Let me tell you this fish was not sitting around waiting for its close-up. And yes there is some luck involved. Anything else would not be truthful. And forget any criticism of the Canon S100. I got this shot didn’t I?

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