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Big Fish (Honest!)

IMG_1824 copy 2I had seen an article on the giant ocean sunfish, mola mola. It can reach 1200 lbs. This isn’t one of them. But it was one very large fish in the ocean. I don’t have anything in the image to compare scale. Hey, the fish wasn’t hanging around for me. It was just on its way to somewhere else on the reef. It is shaped like a butterfly fish.

IMG_1703 copy 2Relative to the ones I see every dive they measure about palm sized. This sample was much, much larger. How large?

IMG_1827 copy 2Well at the risk of being an exaggerating fisherman, it was about three feet long. Now remember that water magnifies objects, I wear glasses now, and my kids are endlessly amused by my failing vision with age. But I’m here to tell you it was a very large fish. Really! I’d have liked it to be more colorful and to have hung around a little longer.

IMG_1826 copy 2If you’re familiar with those steakhouses that dare you to eat the 64 ounce steak, well, this fish would be a big challenge too.