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Diver Experience (You Need Some)

IMG_1641 copy

I was wondering how to sneak some more dive shots. I recently saw how hard it can be to learn scuba diving. I learned and the next week was following Farid up and down the reef without so much as a hiccup. When Julia visited, she had dived Central America and the Caribbean. We never had a problem.

A couple of docs at the hospital decided to learn scuba. I encouraged them and with my iPad assured them they would see a whole new world. Samir went first. During his pool dive at our compound Wissam came by on the way to the gym. Wissam signed up on the spot for lessons the very next week. He even bought all his gear ahead of his lessons – a bold move.

IMG_1809 copy

This thing looked like coral to me. But I saw a picture and someone describes it as a nudibranch. Well, ok!