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Fitness Competition


All of the sudden I have become an unofficial photographer for local events. There aren’t too many and I’ll return to fish soon…. David, one of the managers of the Purchasing Dept organized a Fitness Competition. For the first time I got to see how the other half lives. We have a couple of fitness groups that run at different times and I guess they have become competitive. My group is very strenuous but does not emphasize weight lifting. However, there are some hard core ‘lifters around. Three teams gathered poolside and competed in several two-man team events. I’m working with a DSLR and in-camera flash. The flash recycles slowly so motor drive is not in play. You simply have to get the ‘moment.’ And then there’s the angle. Shirt off… because there was a swimming portion of the meet and everything was timed. So I got low… angled and I popped the flash. It’s not flattering but it captured the essence of competitive testosterone._DSC3081