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Shooting Fish

IMG_4930On one night dive a senior diver asked if I would object to him carrying a speargun. He and the dive instructor got one each before the end of the dive. No I didn’t get the shot (of spearing). For goodness sake, it’s in the dark. My big regret is that there are two less fish to see in the ocean. It’s illegal to hunt but legal to have a speargun for protection. Ah!? We’re back to the fear of sharks in the ocean at night. Actually I had a conversation with several colleagues last night and they were in fact afraid of the water for that reason. At some point I will have a shark encounter, but it’s not got me worried. I have plenty of life insurance? …and it beats getting hit by a car.IMG_4937


IMG_5025 a


These fish are not too common on the reef. Somewhere I will have the name. Actually I was shown a book with all the names and pictures of the fish in the Red Sea. I’ll have my hands on it in about a month. If I‘ll soon have the book, why shoot the fish? It’s like why come to New York to see the Statue of Liberty? And there’s a fair amount of challenge in getting the image. Once again the conditions have to be good. I’m better now at anticipating good light. Here it’s as though I have a great bounce flash exposure. An added bonus was there were two, yup two! It would make sense, you have to have a boy and a girl to… but the rare fish on the reef are usually swimming alone. As rare as they may be, once you see one, it seems that I encountered another fairly frequently for a few days.IMG_4358