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Archive for November 20, 2013


IMG_1682I was looking for the place next door, ended up lost, and wound up in this Italian joint. It’s gender separated and singles/men sit upstairs. IMG_1684


It’s classy enough that they put balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the table. IMG_1685

This time around I had the fritters. IMG_1688

IMG_1686The tomato sauce wedges are complimentary.

IMG_1690The gnocchi is as good as home. I have no complaint.

Feather Star

IMG_4028I showed one of these recently as an “I don’t know what this is, you guess.” My dive buddy told me it was a “fiddle” star but he just had trouble with the pronunciation since the book confirmed what he said, sort of…. They come in a variety. They have feet that attach to the coral. They come out at night and move pretty because you definitely don’t see them in the daytime. They spread out and look very delicate. There is one that looks like an unkempt weed but it is definitely animal.IMG_4050