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Archive for November 29, 2013


IMG_1665One thing about eating out as a single is that I usually have the whole section to myself. Perhaps it’s the hour that I eat.IMG_1666


Most folks like to eat around midnight. And maybe that has contributed to the enormous obesity problem. Anyway the dumplings look like NY but they are definitely not! As I said recently, sizzling anything is reasonably decent. Here it’s chicken.IMG_1672

IMG_1669They look like NY dumplings. But the taste is entirely different and not altogether great.

Cleaning Station

IMG_3748 aThe wrasse is a small fish that thrives on cleaning other fish. It is a beneficial service so the wrasse doesn’t seem become a meal for other fish. I have seen them work on many different fish. It’s just hard to capture an image. They are so small. But I have seen it done, so I wait for an opportunity. I got a bunch of shots of this cleaning session. And I got the moray with it’s teeth out. Yes, this was a shot worth imagining. I’m glad to have caught it.