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Uno – Pizzeria, Chicago

IMG_1872I might as well write about the other deep dish pizza in town. So far I’ve only seen one branch. It is run by Filipinos, what else. They sing happy birthday very loud. It’s decorated like any other in the US. The pie is about the same. You have the Numero Uno Supreme because that’s why you came. They put a head on your iced tea. It’s doesn’t matter. I don’t drink beer.IMG_1869


Free Diving

IMG_3126I liked this image. As I shot it I knew it would be good. Sometimes (and I usually don’t) it’s good to look up. I’m usually getting an overexposed image. But here the silhouette is rather interesting.

There is a branch of diving called free diving. It means you use a mask and long stiff fins. You dive without a tank and go to some fairly deep depths. It’s sure different and not yet on my radar. Groups of free divers come to this resort and I am always fascinated watching them. Well, actually I see them walking around but have not seen them in the water until now. They always have a float and there is a rope with a weight hanging beneath so the divers can follow a line down. Otherwise I don’t know too much of the sport except what they describe on the ‘net. And no, it’s not that it costs nothing and is really free.