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Jeddah Mall – Generic


There’s a formula that they seem to follow. There is usually a super grocery store. There’s a food court. There is entertainment consisting of amusement rides and video games. What I don’t get is that they are so large it really is ideal to exercise in a climate controlled environment. Instead people visit the food court and gain weight.

IMG_1888Stores like this usually have a sign that says “Families Only.”

IMG_1886I’m not sure that I’d pay for this haircut. Truly, I could do just as well at home.

IMG_1882Games of chance gain you tickets which you redeem for prizes.

IMG_1881And for the young adventurers…

IMG_1883…or to fulfill your fantasy.

IMG_1885Here you have a choice – corn in a cup or pop corn two ways.

Unexpected Fish

IMG_3831I was shooting with flash during a daylight dive. The afternoon sun was setting. I followed the big guy under a piece of coral. it was my fairly typical tail end shot. He turned just enough that I got his eye. The other fish was just there on the image when I processed it. I never saw it when I shot the original. And furthermore, I never saw the little colorful nudibranch tucked under the right fin of the big guy. Serendipity!