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Archive for December 4, 2013

Coffee Urn

IMG_1895This coffee urn is the style here in Jeddah. It is old style and still in use. They served me with this type on the plane from JFK. I purchased an old one in an antique store. I was passing a traffic circle and stuck in traffic. I happened to see this sculpture. And the extra bonus was the full moon and clouds. These point and shoot cameras are so darned smart. It’s a more interesting sculpture than a stacked set of microwaves. But still….

Fan Coral

IMG_4634I have begun to know where things are around the resort we have frequented. There is a fan coral at about 65 feet depth. Follow the reef north and you will encounter it. I have been there several times. It’s the only one around this area. Lighting is tricky as I have been disappointed with many images I shot. The key is the diffuse bounce lighting. It gives the coral a clean natural color and a pleasing glow. I’m not showing the failures all of which had some defect. But there are a lot of images that did not make the cut. I’m glad I got to come back.