Word and Image

Black and White

IMG_1944There is a uniform dress code. Women must always wear an abaya in public. And that abaya shall be black. For the most part men wear white. For kids anything goes. All I keep thinking about is how Julia melted when she wore her abaya while visiting me in March. She literally melted inside the black (and she’s no witch). The weather is a lot better now. It’s almost pleasant in the evening. The downside is that the sunset is early and soon it will be dark at 5PM just like home.

I have to get a new wallet. Mine smells from all the perfume and cologne. It gets on the money and my wallet and even my scrubs have a scent. You pretty much have to wear something to cover the scent of wearing a black abaya or long sleeve thobe in 100 degree weather and no where to hide. I’d just like to have my wallet not be scented when I get back to NY. Most natives consider me barbaric for declining any supplemental scent.

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