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Return of the Prodigal Son

_DSC9416David had been away for about a year and a half working in Argentina. We visited once. His apartment had a rooftop pool and spa. He lived quite well and had become acquainted with many people in his neighborhood. I was impressed. We did not stay in his apartment when we visited. Shall we say that he was not an excellent housekeeper and leave it at that. In the spring of 2011 it was Lisa’s big graduation. Julia was home once again. We had heard from David. He had quit his job in January and was traveling through South America without a specific return date. Julia decided to throw a surprise graduation party. And indeed it was a surprise. Lisa was clueless. I did the funding. On the day of the party I had gone down to the lobby to let some guests into the building. There at the elevator was a stranger kissing one of my friends. Then I realized it was David! Well his grandmother was thrilled. We hid him away as the ultimate surprise. Julia had Lisa downtown in a spa morning. Just like surprises go, Lisa was thoroughly surprised.

_DSC9635Then the doorbell rang… tears flowed all around. It was a pretty special moment._DSC9764