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1904 23 David lolliposHaircuts for kids can be a bit traumatic. In NYC there are specialists. In one place we went the barber chairs were carousel horses and well … you know what. It was just inconvenient to get there and Lisa tried the old Italian barbers on 9th Avenue. They didn’t want to cut David’s hair. They just didn’t care too much for squirmy kids. David was a champ, never moved, and they grew to like him. And they didn’t really mind kids because there was always a lollipop afterwards. Julia always went along with Lisa and David so she was invited to a lollipop as well. One day many haircuts later I took David by himself. David received the customary lollipop. And the barber handed him one for his absent sister. He promptly stuck both into his mouth. In answer to my question he replied. “I have to eat them both before I get home and Julia sees.” Julia never did find out and it remained our secret.