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Wisconsin and USC

2004 09 0404 DavidWhat to they have in common? David spent time in both universities. And that’s where I spent my money. It’s funny because I got essentially the same shot in different years. I got the task of dropping him off freshman year. He had a room that was painted cinder block with high windows and reminded me of prison more than a dorm. His roommate first semester never appeared (probably made bail). David got straight A’s and departed a year later. I know that I thought he looked pretty alone when I left him in his Spartan dorm room. Two things I will add. We shopped for some furniture and we managed to wrestle a recliner into the rental car. And the other chair was a webbed rocking lawn chair. I don’t think he was really lonesome. We had lunch in a diner the first day he arrived. Our waitress sat down in our booth. She was a sophomore and gave David her number if he needed help. After she left he whispered, “Dad, She was in our space.” I got a laugh out of that.

The most terrifying conversation I overheard: “David. You have to graduate (this June).” His mother said this to him about a month before graduation. Thank goodness he finished in four years. Ouch! It cost enough as is.2005 09 3449 David