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Archive for December 18, 2013

The Hard Way

IMG_3079Catching a fish is a bit of an art. My brother was an avid fisherman. We all have little secrets. John would get a new fishing rod each year and catch a fish to baptize the rod. In many ways his hobby was like my photography. I’m not buying a new camera every year. But I have not hesitated to get new equipment if I could justify the need. Ahh… that’s the stuff of another story. I actually purchased two point and shoots this summer when I lost my primary underwater camera. The first replacement just stopped working. Repair time would be unknown and uncertain. As it turns out it was about two weeks. But it was during a critical 10 day period during which I did about 20 dives and shot nearly 2000 images (after discards). I justified the emergency replacement as an essential expense to keep diving. Darn! That little point and shoot is really good in low light and it’s very light in the pocket. And now there’s a backup to the backup. Make sense?

Well on to my story today. It’s not a good image by any means. I was busy trying to white balance and missed getting a decent image. (Note to myself – get an image, then try to get something better, but at least get something on the memory card before you start getting cute.) We paused by some coral. Farid was looking underneath and poking his hand inside with his gloved finger. Have I told you not to touch anything on the reef? It just invites something to bite you back. Well, he poked and he raised the silt and generally clouded everything up. Wissam was looking over my left shoulder as I puzzled over what had Farid’s attention. Then he reached in and pulled out a rather large fish. He held it firmly and we watched as it changed from green to white in color. I didn’t know they do that. Here I was fumbling to get an image. He let the fish go and I was a loser. I hope Farid doesn’t ask me how the shot came out. This is the third time I’ve seen someone catch a fish barehanded. I’m so impressed.

As for me I have reasonable skill as a photographer. I am just the exact opposite as a fisherman. I can’t catch a fish if you put it on the hook and told me to start reeling. Which brings me to another curious thought. We constantly see people fishing from the pier as we enter to dive. I’ve been tempted to put a big fish on their hook. But it would mean catching one with your bare hand which I’m not prepared to do.