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Dad_Album_03_055_d copyWell, I started a remembrance of John a couple years ago so I guess I will continue. The thing is that I never was too good at calling him on his birthday these past few years. It didn’t mean that I didn’t care. It’s a guy thing. We didn’t need to always speak to know that we cared for one another. If there were ever a need, we were always there for each other. In looking over the choices I picked two pictures. The first is from the porch of our house on 15 Southgate Road in Elkins, West Virginia. It’s undated but I would estimate that I was 10 or 11. How quaint! We’re wearing tie and jacket. And we all have short hair. Mom cut it every two weeks. John and I were so thin then that mom took to giving us some terrible tasting dietary supplement we called ‘Jecqueline’ (sp). That try didn’t last long and we all grew up without being too thin.

In the second photo you see the three brothers a good deal older and with kids of our own, (mine and John’s shown here). John’s house was near a tire park and the kids liked to play there. If you notice Julia, you will realize that she’s the only girl on my side of the family. And David turns out to be the only boy on Lisa’s side. I remind everyone that Lisa’s side would call and ask about ‘the boy’ and it was clear whom they meant.2732 12 Julia David tire park copy

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  1. Ha! You haven’t changed much since you were ten! I knew right away which boy you were and I recognize David in the tire photo. I think that’s Julia in the middle holding a baby.

    December 26, 2013 at 1:33 am

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