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2004 Digital Divide

DSC_0049aMy last roll of film was shot in 2004. I always thought I’d shoot some more film. There is still some slide film in the freezer. Nope. The price of digital SLR hit $1000 and I got my first Nikon D70. I had a neighbor downstairs who always complained when the water in my darkroom was running at three in the morning. From here on it was Photoshop. And my first event was David’s graduation. It was a leap of faith to give up film on such an important occasion. I had only just purchased the camera and was just getting used to its exposure capability. Things worked out well. We don’t have too many family (four of us) shots. This one didn’t go so well. Focus and the distracting background were a problem. DSC_0301I learned one other lesson. I’ve heard the story of the wedding photos in which one party or the other wants the spouse removed later. It’s also very true of girlfriends. They come and go. Luckily I had lots of shots with and without her. DSC_0349David and his sister have had their moments as well. But they will always be related. Thank goodness they get along well enough now that Julia is in California and David is in NY. They don’t pose together too often for me anymore.