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I Need Glasses

IMG_3776 copy

It’s a fact that as you age, you become far-sighted. I found this out in Puerto Rico when I drove at night and could no longer read the map. I went to my buddy Wilson, the ophthalmologist, expecting to be given an elaborate prescription for glasses. He said to me, “Go to K-Mart. (Huh!!!) Buy yourself some over the counter 1.50 glasses.” Darn! It worked for many years until last year when I spent money for my first prescription lenses. My family and patients are jumping for joy! (Kidding.)

We were on a dive with a master photographer who graciously pointed out this shrimp hiding inside this coral. He knew it was there and I knew he was pointing to something. But it was tiny and translucent. It was really tiny, no more than 1/4 inch! Underwater with the distortion and backscatter (dust) it was impossible to actually see what it was that my camera was focusing upon. Until I threw this on the computer I didn’t know for sure if I had anything. The darned camera managed to get me an image. Though I was disappointed the shrimp is really translucent and I was very lucky to come away with this image. And yes I took several in the hopes that this one image would be serviceable.IMG_3778 copy

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  1. It really is amazing how these sea creatures are camouflaged. I would have never seen the shrimp or the crab in the next post. I feel so bad for you at 80°. Oh, so chilly. LOL.

    January 8, 2014 at 8:05 pm

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