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Archive for January 27, 2014


IMG_2699I told you and you have seen the jump series. We started guinea pig faces in Peru. They eat guinea pig. It’s poplar and served in the street festivals. I’ll post a picture someday. Meanwhile every once in a while we continue the tradition. At times it’s downright strange.IMG_2701This image was one of several. One image shows J leaning against my shoulder with her eyes closed. Ordinarily it would be a mistake image. But with her jet lag, she actually dozed as we took the image. I was tempted to prop her eyes open determined to get a shot or else.

We shot these images at the Corniche and in an elevator.IMG_2482

IMG_2481David had me pursue the road to an interesting sculpture and we found Amara. It has an upstairs terrace for families only. There is a view of the ocean, which you can see at night. (Remember they don’t light the ocean?) We did a set of faces on the elevator. And when we brought J, she wouldn’t do it. I suspect that she has always know that we are strange. And I believe it is the responsibility of every father to embarrass their children.