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When the kids were here they were very considerate and accommodating. We ate Middle Eastern food mostly. David never cared for it much in NY but he was in country and determined to sample local fare. We ate in Yildizar a restaurant rated all over the internet as one of the best in Jeddah. I can’t say that it was particularly special, but separate searches by all the family came up with the same name. Maybe they stacked search engine?IMG_3150 On the last night together both kids determined we would try Ajii an oriental fusion restaurant that we had found. The food was surprisingly good. Funny for me was that it wasn’t the food that was important as much as the company.IMG_3135 Now that the kids have returned home, the food is more attractive looking back at the pictures. We arrived just before evening prayer time. It was strange to be in a good restaurant as the only patrons from start to finish of the meal. No matter, it was the ultimate in private dining. Pick a table, any table at all….IMG_3140

It’s an Asian fusion restaurant. We ate there and it was empty except for us. Like anywhere else it’s a mystery how some places are popular and others are empty. It was a very good menu and food was very good.IMG_3129 J got into the car to drive. Nope, we (she) didn’t break the law. There were still some time zone issues. It’s hard to eat dinner when your body thinks it’s 2AM. And afterward you can walk over and have an experience with a mosaic octopus sculpture in the traffic circle.IMG_3111J wasn’t here long enough to recover from jet lag. She’d left LA, flown to NYC, and arrived in Jeddah pretty much discombobulated. (I always wanted to use that word in a sentence!)


IMG_3118Lemon with mint. They really do this well!

IMG_3120The kids were always gracious enough to allow me to photograph the food first.

IMG_3126Dumplings, decent dumplings, I could have done without the pea in the center. But decent dumplings!

IMG_3137Pad Thai, ’nuff said…

IMG_3143Crispy chicken, yes it was… and good too.