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leaI got a comment from Jennifer. We worked together in another of my lives. She’s a PA, Physician’s Assistant. When she arrived to work with Don and I, she was experienced but still a bit unpolished. Previously, she had been thrown to the sharks to sink or swim so to speak. I got her to the point where she was indeed able to be an asset in surgery, make sound judgement in neurosurgical problems, and in general  to think before acting. I’m proud that she was so willing to learn and become better in a difficult field of work. And her thanks is in the unsolicited comment she made regarding the post I made earlier today.

As I have said things don’t go well every day. And sometimes I have to admit that ‘thank you’ means a lot. In the practice of medicine, the expectation of perfection has clouded much of what we do. It is indeed a high compliment to receive a comment from Jennifer, who has seen the best and the worst times we experience in medicine close up. Thanks kid. I’ll stay in touch.

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