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Archive for February 19, 2014

Organize and Backup

IMG_3495It’s been a year. I dropped my beloved laptop one year ago. Ordinarily it has survived. I have dented the case (aluminum) and it survived. I’ve done it more than once! (Not too bright!) I don’t backup… at least not regularly. And I have priceless hundreds of thousands of images. Dumb!? My images are at least backed up redundantly to a series of external hard drives. So very few images have been lost. Some were gone because if you copy bad files to bad files…. So I only copy the original files to each back up drive. That part is compulsive and paranoid.

I got a call last year, “Come out. We’re going now.” So I leapt up from my seat and my laptop dropped. Unfortunately it was on, as in actually working, spinning the hard drive. That is not good! When it’s asleep or off, the hard drive heads and reader are parked and relatively safe. The bad news is that the drive was dead. No backup! And the good news is that the drive was alive enough to resuscitate most (95%) of the files which took me months to complete the recovery process.IMG_3494

When the kids made their December delivery to me here in Jeddah, I got some new 2TB external drives. The older ones (2 left) had the original image files and scanned slide files. I just completed a comprehensive backup and reconstruction of my Lightroom files. Now I have digital files, scanned slides, and a mishmash of older image files in three catalogs. This is estimated at about 200K images somewhat organized. Certainly my digital files are organized. And the scanned slides are pretty well organized. It’s the mishmash that is the challenge. I filed my slides and original digital images by date. (Start now and you’ll never know how much work you saved yourself later.) I keep a separate database in Excel to track the general place, time, subject, and people. Use Excel, most other programs stop getting supported and database file then can’t be read. (another hard lesson learned)

Well, there it is, a little brick (silver on the far right), sitting on my desk, and waiting to be mined for future blog images. So some random files from the archive, that happen to catch my memory will follow for a while. I have been back and forth about the vision of this blog. Is it current events, Middle East adventure, stories….? So to all of you reading (and I thank you), I’m a bit scattered but there’s a plan. And there’s a backup, too. Ha!