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Have A Magical Day

IMG_7967 a

Little Red Lighthouse, George Washington Bridge

David was born in the middle of the night. I was scheduled to perform a delicate and difficult (vertebral artery) aneurysm surgery beginning at 8AM. Cancelled – postponed, change of plans. I mollified the patient by telling him that I had named my new born after him. The patient arrived a year later and asked how his boy ‘Vincent’ was doing. I had to do a quick recovery to respond. The obstetrician was a serious woman named Ida. My wife had used an obstetric group so she was the ‘oncall’ ob. “Ida! I always wanted to name my kid, Ida,” I told her as she gave me a puzzled frown. First name followed by last name, you figure it out. (There’s not much humor at 4AM). And poor dear Aunt Audrey, she had volunteered to watch J if we were in the hospital. so she was called in the night as well. This many years later, David has turned out rather well. I do my best to embarrass him and he tolerates my companionship.


With Amy and Eric

We did quite a lot recently when I was in NYC. His sister is working in LA. And mom was busy at school. It seems we made a five borough tour walking and on bikes.


Manhattan Bridge

It was another series of magical moments for the memory bank. I am now introduced to the word ‘selfies.’ But sometimes good old-fashioned Photoshop works too. Happy Birthday, David.


Brooklyn, DUMBO


Hellgate Bridge


Long Island City

Central Park Boathouse

IMG_8494 copyThis is another favorite location for movie producers. The boathouse is so named for remote control boats that ply the pond. There are rental boats. Or if you are hardcore, you bring your own. The picture is all about New York City.