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Adventure in Eating

IMG_4566Danji is a 36 seat Korean tapas restaurant. It’s small size, hours, and demand have made it difficult to score a table. We’ve tried a few times. David was persistent. So this time we left our name and wandered the neighborhood until the table was ready. Pork belly is recently one of the foods of the year. To name a couple others – mozzarella sticks (1980’s) and tiramisu (you get the idea). Suddenly it’s on menus everywhere. It’s fatty and more than likely not good for you. And mom recently halted a clandestine bacon shipment (in the kids’ bags) to me in Saudi. I did go out of the way to eat some pork and bacon while back in NYC.

And for my birthday, ah there’s some connection to yesterday’s post; technology has finally surpassed me. I was wondering when I would be old? We took a bus uptown in the rain. Lisa pulled out her iPhone and pulled up an app that would tell her when the next bus would arrive. Who knew!? She said the bus was two stops away and it was accurate. IMG_5226To be sure she was never a great adopter of technology. But in this instance I have been behind the curve and have steadfastly refused to get a smartphone much less an iPhone. I have ready access to a computer (laptop or otherwise) and in a pinch all my assistants can look up whatever info we need. IMG_5244Arriving for dinner I almost passed up the salad special featuring melted cheese beneath a pile of healthy greens. Lisa encouraged me to get this as a concession to my birthday. Words and pictures cannot depict the smell and taste… wonderful.