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Technolgy Catches Me

IMG_5481 a

I have been gifted a new unlocked iPhone (international compatible) by David. He insisted. His reasoning is that I should learn to use it before I’m too old to learn it. And now that he has a job, this was his treat. (Expletive deleted), the kid is too generous. The pictures I took in the Apple store were lost when I lost the camera (don’t ask). Meanwhile, truly clueless employees staffed the first Apple store. Sorry Apple. The second store set us straight and I had no choice in the purchase. We needed a phone that could work in both the US and Saudi.IMG_2059

The other half of the story is that David and Sarah are taking an apartment together downtown. Sarah is working a second job in a restaurant downtown so we went there my last evening. IMG_5533And knowing it was my birthday she chose the dessert. This visit home I felt very fortunate to have connections all over. IMG_5526


IMG_5572My glasses broke in California. A quick trip to the optometrist recommended by my buddy Wilson got a replacement on short notice for his “cousin.” Things had really gone great right up to the point where I lost that ‘xxxxxx’ camera. But what I always said to the kids took some reminding: you can always replace ‘things’, take care of your health. Lastly, I have to track down data service in Saudi. J was ecstatic that I have been dragged into the tech age and said so with many ‘!!!s’ in her email.


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  1. Cute story despite all the loss you incurred. Nice photo of you too. Happy birthday!

    May 25, 2014 at 2:42 pm

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