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Archive for May 27, 2014


IMG_8577Now that I have an iPhone I suppose there is no excuse not to keep track of people’s birthdays. For this I am terribly guilty. I receive plenty of messages when I get another year older. And likewise I fail to reciprocate. Sorry! David will remember Eric’s birthday this year. He asked me and added it to his phone when he showed me how to do memos. I remember because it was the last day of school in the third grade for me. He was born in the middle of the night. His early years like my own were a blur. He wasn’t really on the radar until he was much older say eight or nine. As time goes by we don’t see each other too often but we are in touch. He picked me up and dropped me off at the airport. It’s a silly act but between us, it means a lot. He also slapped a box of Entenmann’s chocolate frosted doughnuts into my backpack at the airport. Somehow that box got back to Jeddah and didn’t even melt. This image was shot at JFK as I discovered that my camera was missing. At the same time I have discovered that the autofocus is soft at the image edges on this camera. Mechanical failure, I hate that. He is showing me the in’s and out’s of texting, which I have somehow been able to avoid till now. Well, it’s the 27th and I at least remember your birthday. So Happy Birthday! As to all my other friends I’ll try to track down your birthday without being too obvious. Isn’t there an app for that?