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Archive for May 31, 2014

Freakin’ Cold

110-1093_IMGI don’t know why Dave wasn’t with us. In all our time Lisa never attended a professional sports match. It was deep December and I got tickets to a Jets night game. 110-1091_IMGWe wore everything you could in layers to protect against the cold. But you just can sit around without moving. Jules and I wore ski gear. Eric wore heavy coveralls and boots. We were as they say ‘freakin’ cold.’ We were there, we stayed, but don’t ask who won.110-1096_IMG


As an aside, Jules and I still have those North Face ski jackets. That particular yellow color is so outdated it’s embarrassing. But you can’t kill those jackets. I still wear it and don’t mind looking like an old guy on the slopes. Jules moved on fashionably but still has hers.