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Name Withheld

2039 08 DonSome days it’s like MASH, the TV program. Things get a little silly. As you may surmise, this was my beloved PA. He watched my back. And the nurses had a love hate relation with him. Mostly love, I think. He had his tonsils out. At least I think this was that occasion. It’s not important as you can readily see. In the holding area just before going to the OR he loudly proclaimed that he was here for his “sex change” operation. Imagine the other patients and then the look he must have gotten when they saw him in the recovery room. He could dish a joke a well as anyone. So payback as they say is a bitch. I didn’t have a hand in the decorations. If the slide is not clear, he’s wearing lip stick, nail polish, crude art work , autographs, and a surgical bra. At that time family was not permitted in the recovery room but our nurses made a pointed exception for his wife. She took one look, threw her hands up, and ran. Though these photos have not widely circulated, they did make an appearance at his 50th birthday party. This I will add is a guy in touch with his feminine side. He once wore a big fake butt and a thong for a going away party. 2039 09 Don