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1888 17 Lisa quiltLisa was an avid quilter. And she took on some big projects. The process is all in the pieces and patterns. Then there is the matter of hand quilting. No machine work here. The quilting bee still exists. She did one for our queen bed.1874 31 Audrey Lisa Lila Bill Teddy quilt I helped. Yes, I actually quilted some. I brought my surgical skills and adapted some of the suture instruments to help things along. No matter, it was tedious. Lisa made quilts for her mom and then each of the kids.2030 32 Julia Lisa Lila quilt I think some of the work was out sourced to ladies in Pennsylvania who specialize in quilting after the pieces are assembled. At least I only quilted one project.1857 26 CGPS class quiltShe organized this one for the kids at school. I think it might still hang there.