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Archive for August 7, 2014

Rescue Diver

IMG_7849Farid and I were recently qualified as rescue divers. So we ended up rescuing each other on the first dive afterward. The image shows me with a yellow regulator. You do not want to be in a picture with the yellow regulator in your mouth. This is the typical color of the spare regulator called the octopus. I would not be using it unless there was a problem with my air supply.

Yes I just got my rescue diver card. With two more merit badges I will be a master diver. It is the highest designation you can get as a recreational diver. Okay no big deal. The next would be instructor, which becomes a serious expense and also it is a serious responsibility. Too many stories are told and I have seen students panic. I see enough stress in my day job.

Farid and I got cute. We wanted to maximize scenery so we swam out on the surface about a tank’s worth of air. Murphy’s law struck. The ‘O’ ring on my tank failed. We shut down the tank but now had to share air. It got us back about ¾ way and then we surfaced to swim in. It was tricky to share air over such a long distance and to rise and dive. It was also harder to blow up my BCD in order to float. Normally there is air to do it in the tank. But mine was off. We got back safe. We followed the first rule. Don’t panic.