Word and Image

Thorny Ray

IMG_7846So if you were along for the rescue lesson yesterday, here’s what we saw. I almost swam in on the surface to allow Farid to have a good dive. Bu we agreed not to separate so we shared air. It was a bit restricting and I did not expect many photo ops.

Farid has the instinct of a hunter. We came over the rise of some coral to see a giant thorny ray settling into the sand before us. As usual I did not see it at first until the sand settled. Crank up the tele – I got some shots. It was an unexpected bonus to our unintended rescue dive. I was attached to Farid by the octopus. I couldn’t approach! The ray was settled and posing. It is the only ray of this type we have seen in almost three years diving. Farid held steady and I got my shots till the ray moved onward.


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