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Potland Bug Light

_DSC1332 copyI’m spinning my archive. The good thing about living in Maine for a while is that you got to visit lighthouses in inclement weather. Fog is always a hard subject. The other element is the light itself. Then to blend soft light and focused detail is harder yet. I let the camera figure out the exposure. I just fixed the compositional elements. In that instant I got the shot I wanted. It’s good.


IMG_7721There are variation and different names. The general category of these fish consists of bottom dwellers who lie in wait for prey. They are camouflaged well. Their prey are unsuspecting fish going by. This odd color teal is a first for me. It is pretty, but he kind of stands out. When he swims the underside of his fins are bright orange and yellow. To make sense of the shot, you look for the eyes and the mouth. Of course don’t get close. They are said to be very poisonous.


IMG_7686Give a boy a stick… at Christmas the kids had some dive sticks we used in our dive exploration. Farid inherited one after they left. He likes to poke things that otherwise would be left alone. As we passed a hole in the coral he trapped this one and then grabbed it by the tail. It was not a puffer. I discovered when he handed it to me, it was a trunkfish. The under skeleton is series of hard plates. I took the opportunity to get a head on close up. No fish swims into my camera lens to get their close up. But my captive audience was happy to comply in return for a quick release.

Collector Urchin

IMG_7784The book calls it that. It is said that it collects pieces of coral to provide camouflage. I’ve only seen it once before on a night dive. This one was about five feet from the stairs to enter the sea. Sometimes things are no further than a step away. We see things in close to the entrance when you take the time to look all around.

Sea Cucumber

IMG_7647Some encounters are as close as the stairway to enter the water. This sea cucumber was stuck up right on the wall opposite the stairs three feet away. The waters are rocking from the waves so it was hard to hold the camera steady enough for a shot. I didn’t bother to compose or focus. Let it all be on auto focus, auto exposure. Just aim in the general direction and repeat until you get a shot. Most people would never look close to the dive entrance for a good shot. It was a friend who spotted it for me.

Happy Birthday

_DSC4310 copyBy agreement I refer to Jules by the nickname her friends use. Too many of her students stalked her name searching the web. She thought it was weird. I guess I agree. But here we are again, another birthday. She always had a celebration that began at the end of the school year with her classmates. This was well before August. Then, the excuse was everyone would be on summer vacation. Then, we were on vacation, the Tyler Place. This called for a second celebration, cake, party, the whole works. And then there was the extended family of cousins, and grandparents at home. _DSC4239 copyAnd on her actual birthday we had a family celebration. So it became a summer long party. For a kid who seemed deprived because of her August birthday, Jules would be about 100 by now if each party counted. And for the birthday wish, I wish her happiness. I think she is. Happy birthday kid._DSC4444 copy