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Archive for September 6, 2014


IMG_9996Experience teaches you that some things are special when you find them. You just never know when you will see it again, if ever. IMG_0010Ordinarily octopi are very shy and hide inside coral so you see some texture and the rest is left to imagination. I was having a very good dive week. This one was sitting in the open and letting me shoot from all angles. Sometimes the wildlife is very skittish and sometimes they just sit and let you have at it. IMG_0069The problem is when you have all the shots you need and the octopus is still posing. So I got a movie and kept changing angles. Some shots work and others don’t. I like being able to see the tentacles and suckers. This octopus was very cooperative. He finally moved and I got motion shots.IMG_0083

Some days are like that. It was a magical dive.