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Archive for September 8, 2014


IMG_8967I had a very productive series of dive in which I saw octopi in the open many times. After more than one hundred dives the best I had before was the mere glimpse of a body or tentacle. What I was seeing was very special. IMG_8950National Geographic will only publish one shot. But I have no restriction. This series was at the end of another dive and I was on low battery power warning. IMG_8949Every thing held together. We chased this guy down and kept following him as he flowed over the coral. You can see multiple camouflage changes. IMG_8947The natural color is a chocolate brown. The color changes are accompanied by texture changes within seconds. I wondered why he didn’t squirt ink. Meanwhile he was accommodating and let me get images of all his changes.IMG_8936


IMG_8934All of the color changes, out in the open, a good view, and excellent light – as they say – priceless. Glad I didn’t blow this series. It’s why you practice. For this moment everything worked.