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Rescue Diver

IMG_0797Yes I am. The card came to me and I am official. It feels no different than a day ago. We passed the test months ago. Farid took the course with me. Then we promptly rescued ourselves. This is the PADI course. Within the hierarchy the next step is to become an instructor. So far I have four specialty designations too. One more ‘merit badge’ and I can call myself a master diver. Wow! When I started a couple years back I never imagined I would be so advanced. As I say, it doesn’t feel any different today than yesterday. Passing the practical exam is not the same as an actual rescue. Saving a panicked diver is much different. I understand the theory. I hope I am up to the task if another diver is in trouble. Meanwhile all my dive buddies are happy and safe. I keep an eye on the novice divers and lend a hand or suggestion.