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Knuckleheads! And I would use a lot more colorful language if I wasn’t trying to be polite. I can peel paint with some of the more vengeful thought I am thinking. Well! So you left your initials on the coral? And you have a girlfriend? And if you just left your full name and phone number I would be happy to call you up. You coward! Defile the coral and it is forever. It is pretty unlikely that this scar will heal if ever. It is unlikely that the idiot who did this will be reading my blog. That is probably not the person who can even read. What is the point? Leave some initials like a skulking coward so we can all see how you thoughtlessly defiled nature. When I first started diving here there was no graffiti. But I have noticed all manner of trash discarded into the sea. Bottles and cans are there by the ton. But plastic lawn chairs and even a prayer rug are deliberate thoughtless acts of trashing the reef we all come to see. As divers we are all there to see natural beauty. Is there a point to trashing the place for everyone else to suffer the pristine loss? It just bewilders me. And in the resort there are those who come surreptitiously with spear guns to fish. I posted last December about a swimmer who strangled an octopus in front of me. Hey! We come to see this stuff. I am told the reef was a lot nicer a few years ago. And now every time I swim past this coral I will recall a time when it too was pristine. Idiot is too kind. But if by any chance you know who you are then I have utter disrespect for you.


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  1. I too would have said something far worse. I cannot believe that anyone would do this vile act. And to strangle a living thing? Sometimes I wish for karma.

    December 22, 2014 at 2:39 pm

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