Word and Image



Imagine that? Just as I said I would, it is fish again in today’s post. I swim with some wonderful people. They are photographers. And they keep watch. I just have to pay attention when they point. There were several squid swimming. They swim in open water and are very hard to see. They actually blend with the ocean very well. The post processing brings out the dramatic colors.

Somehow I figured squid to be slow swimming too. Wrong. They swim faster than me. So to catch a shot required some maneuvering. I used some telephoto as well. But the murky water can ruin the shot easily. How the camera is able to auto-focus on something I can barely make out is an absolute blessing. Did I mention squid are pretty rare to see. These would be my second time. It was special. Where you catch enough of them for a restaurant supper puzzles me. They certainly look better in the wild than on your plate.


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