Word and Image

Crocodile Fish


It is in my book as the Indian crocodile fish. In Wiki the pictures are terrible. I had to look because my book did not show me the picture immediately. Wiki pics were poorly white balanced…. so mine are really better. And they show the fish ….


Three years on the reef here and this is the first one I have seen. I put my elbow down on him as I settled to the bottom to get a picture of a spotted ray. I don’t know who was more surprised. At least I was not bitten. He was skittish. I chased him. He settled and then moved. I got a movie. And then a few more shots before my dive buddies moved on.


It was very special and likely not to be a repeat encounter. But I met a diver who told me he saw it again after I told him about my first sighting. It’s nice to share.


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