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Ordinarily I might go through the archives to pull out a New Year picture. Too lazy. Lisa and I never celebrated new year. She was usually asleep by midnight. The kids would be out all night as they were older. I would get a call to be sure they were safe. Last year the kids were here in Jeddah and we dove on New Year’s and ate in a nice restaurant. This year is a different one than any others I have had. It will be special too.

Lionfish. It turns out they are shy. The usually point away from you. They swim slowly. They are predatory so there is no need to hurry. One strategy is to use two divers. The diver to the far side guides the fish toward you and you do the same for him. It is the head on view that is striking and hardest to get. You can do it the hard way too – by yourself. Lionfish are usually not out in the open and they don’t line up with a nice blue background. This shot looks easy. It’s not.