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My early shots were side views and tail views. The fish is a predator on the reef. Certain areas of the world have a bounty on the invasive fish. It is alleged to have poisonous spines. Simple rule: don’t touch anything. Just don’t and you will not come away with any nasty surprises. Trust me on this – don’t touch anything! A head on shot is hard to do. The big eyes see me from a mile away. The fish always turn and head away. They sail majestically. There is no hurry in the fish. The best strategy is to have another diver chase the fish in toward you and then you reciprocate. I usually don’t have a knowledgeable partner. Then, you just swim like mad to get in front. Hey! Sometimes it works that way too. Lionfish eat about any small fish they can catch. They are not good for the reef. But as near as I can tell they are living in harmony on the reef I dive.