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These fish are predators that swim fast – up to 27 mph – in short bursts. They are considered to be dangerous. However attacks on humans are not common. But like sharks it is advised not to provoke them. It all sounds like good advice to me. This one solitary fish swam circles around my small dive group of three. We all had a shot. And I waited until the fish swam into my view. I got a couple shots and then confirmed this was a barracuda. Though dangerous as a shark, I did not feel any apprehension as it swam around me. I think a shark would generate much more cardiac palpitation since I have seen “Jaws” and remember the movie well. Da dah da duh…..oh you know the theme if you ever saw the movie. And if you did not – good for you. But, have you been under a rock? After jaws I did not go in the water for a couple decades. And I am not ashamed to admit it.