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It is a rare event to see a turtle. My last encounter was magical. It was about a year ago when the kids were here and we swam with one. This time around Farid spied it. He hunted as a kid. His eye is trained in a way that mine is not. He sees things all the time that I miss. The turtle is old. The shell is all worn. Farid first saw it in the open water and we swam after the turtle to no avail. Then it swept behind the coral a coral outcropping. We approached from the right and left. The turtle didn’t know which way to flee. Farid held it. I got video and stills. Sorry kids, we played with the wildlife again.


No turtle soup, it wriggled free and swam away. No video here in this post. Farid’s kids will love the movie. But the shots I have posted are the trophy of our encounter.