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Archive for January 14, 2015

Willey’s Dorid – Nudibranch


Nudibranch. I was diving with some heavy duty photographers. They all had big rig cameras and lights over $5k. I had my point and shoot Canon. No camera envy. I got the most out of my camera and won’t have heartache if there is water that gets inside my housing. It will hurt but I will not have a heart attack. Down at around 80 feet there were two. Same species and they were big. The subject doesn’t move fast so you have plenty of time to get a shot. What you try to illustrate is the tuft and the horns. Looking closely it is easy to see them.


Meanwhile there was some very expensive glass shooting while I stuck my Canon into the fray. Knowing your gear is a key to getting a shot. At this depth I utilized flash to get more natural color. Do I have camera envy? In this case, yes. But the price is prohibitive. Note to self – the price is prohibitive.