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Fairy Basslets


IMG_4958They are bright orange and in abundance on the reef here. They are hard to photograph. They never stay still long enough and are not large enough to really focus upon. So I just let the autofocus get lucky. Background is helpful to make them more appealing.


The stuff to the left is fire coral. It is not red and not particularly dangerous looking. Do not touch it! I brushed against it once upon a time when I was inexperienced. Repeat! Do not touch. In fact do not touch anything. I had blisters form instantly where I touched this coral. Impressive! Oh yeah! And in two minutes before I left the water, the blisters were gone. Impressive too! But the rash and the itch at the site left me miserable for weeks afterward. Yup! Do not touch.

One response

  1. WOW! They’re beautiful!

    February 9, 2015 at 2:38 am

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