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Spotted Eel

IMG_5347 a

I had a pretty special dive a while back. Most dives you have a moment. It is the opportunity in the dive when you have a subject that is perfect. The lighting is good. The fish is lined up correctly. You actually see the subject. Most of the time you catch a glimpse but cannot get close or you see nothing at all. This was my second dive of the day. I had no expectation. The first dive was a bust and I was resigned that today would be a wash. Some days you just don’t see a fish worth a photo. And then… in the space of less than an hour, there was fish after fish after fish. Different types and all worth a picture, I was in aquarium heaven.


The spotted eel is pretty rare. I have seen a glimpse once and then a view. But this time we had one in open water and it was keeping in sight for me to photograph and even get a short movie. I chased it. It slithered and tried to hide. My die buddy stuck around. He ran out of air afterward… I got the shots. It is a weird looking creature with a mouth no one would want to kiss. And there are gills behind the ears. Do fish have ears?